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Sew, be recycled, adapt, patterns and their adjustments

diagonal pocket

How long as it been, gosh!

Today, I want to talk with the fairing pocket sweatpants for my doughter.

complete newborn baby

Could it lack complete for the little newborn baby? Weel no and also this time i have used an pattern of Ottobre Design.

bow birth

In the occasiona of the birth of baby of a man, I wanted something unique and special a bow birth to be remember. Looking for idea on the web. I found the bow birth that to my case.

Boy Jacket

Dear friends, I spoke of my latest work a last days ago in this POST, the jacket for boy.... how to grow quickly!!
This time used a pattern of  October Design, accurate down to the smallest details.

elegant girl coat

Dear friends, the holidays are gone or nearly so no Epiphany as they say, all the holidays takes away....for the holidays.
I didi two coats, one for the girl and onother for the boy.
I show you the coat for the girl in pink herringbone wool fabric, padded lining, for cold days.

Applied pockets for Sweatshirt

I did see the man sweater I made for my husband, today I want to show you with a tutorial how to make the pockets of Sweatshirt.

repair a zipper

Sometimes, a garment that we really love and the zipper is broken ...... what to do? Do not get lost dianimo, with a little 'patience and imagination we repair the damage.