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diagonal pocket

How long as it been, gosh!

Today, I want to talk with the fairing pocket sweatpants for my doughter.

Looking at the patterns, my doughter chose a suit. The magazine is PATRONES and this is suit on the cover

tasche con fianchetto Patrones (1)
It's an old but the output patterns are present, in the picture below I show yuou the techinica design of the suit, as you can see there are pockets with side body panel that we deal with, sorry a bit because the chosen fabric does not allow perfect picture but still hoping to teach you a veri simple techinique.

tasche con fianchetto Patrones (2)
Let's cut the parts that we need to make the pockets:
  • front pants;
  • inside pocket;
  •  panel and the inside pocket.

We support the inside front pocket trousers, strainght against strainght and we can sew (see arrows) we make sure not to pull the fabric while we carry out the seam, so as not to risk damanging the natural curve of the pocket, we can use the technique that suggests Rigazzarò in CUCITO E SCUCITO, inserting a sticker just where will be sewin.

tasche con fianchetto2
Inverting the work, we rest on the inside pocket, the fairing, putting straight against straight.

The valance panel, we can sew the pocket bottom starting from the waist up to the side of the shorts.

tasche con fianchetto4
We work on the front, with stop pins lapel pocket tissue (opening) base and press.

tasche con fianchetto5

tasche con fianchetto6
Sew the pocket to about 1 cm from the edge.

tasche con fianchetto11
Here are you? is almost over.
Take the front part and the back part of the thousers, place strainght strainght flankagainst both side and put thepins and sew.

Pocket pack is finished.

tasche con fianchetto15

Pocket inside

tasche con fianchetto13

In front of the shorts

tasche con fianchetto9

Good job.

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