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Sew, be recycled, adapt, patterns and their adjustments

repair a zipper

Sometimes, a garment that we really love and the zipper is broken ...... what to do? Do not get lost dianimo, with a little 'patience and imagination we repair the damage.

cut-and-sew care

Our sewing machine, sew the size and, after being used, must be clean because the tissues release a great deal of dust and lint that if removed, may be more or less important damage to our car.
It takes a few minutes, I guarantee.

men's sweatshirt Burda young 7734

When I tell you to sewn a garment, I would ask the same question: "do you agree? all that work and in stores to find a cheaper price." Of course, if you see it only from the economic side, does not agree, but on the side of quality, fit? Far better than a head crafted and made to measure, in the long run wins.

Iridis dress di Sofilantjes patterns

Have you noticed that lately I've been absent from the blog? I will tell you why and make up for the time lost.
I present to you Meaning of Sofilantjes Patterns Dress and fantastic Annemieke......

Lucca Comics and Games

How to start to talk about this wonderful Kermesse? a plunge into the world of comics moved into reality thanks to the passion. 
The passion for the craft, sewing, for creativity here Lucca Comics and Games this is it!
Why talk about it in a blog sewing? 
For the passion that leads us to create a fictional character, of our lives and we did it become real, how? 
With so much passion for sewing and all the so-called feminine wiles, without them, you could not create masks perfect, faithful in every detail to the character that inspired us. 
Now I leave you my pictures of Lucca Comics and Games 2014, inspired by the character (photo taken from the web).