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Pencil case - free TUTORIAL

I like to sew, I also like the creative sewing here is my creation, inspired by the web, the case.

half-circle skirt TUTORIAL

Half-circle skirt for my princes in no time, you can do it yourself, we want to try together?

Modify the neck of t-shirt TUTORIAL


Do you rememberwe talked about this refashion in this POST and as promised here is the tutorial.

Modify the neck of t-shirt

Today I spent some time working on clothing to be system, you know those little mending, replacing buttons, hem pants that have been waiting for a while and I took the opportunity to make a couple of refashion, including lowering the turtleneck sweaters some of my princess that does not bear the high neck.

With this post, I begin to transfer the themes that I had posted on Nonna Peppa Carbone