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Modify the neck of t-shirt

Today I spent some time working on clothing to be system, you know those little mending, replacing buttons, hem pants that have been waiting for a while and I took the opportunity to make a couple of refashion, including lowering the turtleneck sweaters some of my princess that does not bear the high neck.

With this post, I begin to transfer the themes that I had posted on Nonna Peppa Carbone

The princess of the house was unable to put the turtleneck sweaterswe have 4, one brown, one pink, one blue and one cream.

We can not throwcan not keep them in the closet waiting for them to become small ...... so I make the proposal:
"If mom could change?"
- "Yes

At work

while refashion the neck, I decided to also change their appearance. The pink jersey and the jersey I removed the cream turtleneck and made ​​a low edgeThe shirt blue and brown, I modified the neck and custom ........ I'll tell you how to do it .....



I'll see you next post with the tutorial. 
Hello friends.

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