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Modify the neck of t-shirt TUTORIAL


Do you rememberwe talked about this refashion in this POST and as promised here is the tutorial.

To change the neck, cut the seamtake the tissue of the neck and open itthen fold on himself the fabric needed to create the new collar, much lower than the original.

I figured 1 cm and 2 cm for the seam for the board, so I marked with chalk, starting from the fold of the fabric of the new board cm 3.

With the new location we pin collar on the shirtWe pin the new neck handing over the entire circumference, putting many pins, so that when we spend in the sewing machine, the edge will not move.

Sew the collar zig zag stitch length very low and shortonce turned over will look like a straight stitchzig zag with the finish and you will have the necessary flexibility to be worn without difficulty ....

the next tutorial, by.

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