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Pencil case - free TUTORIAL

I like to sew, I also like the creative sewing here is my creation, inspired by the web, the case.

Let the pattern by drawing on our face it and copy the parts that compose the face.



n. 1 zipper 22 cm
felt of various colors
n. 2 buttons
padding adhesive
freezer paper
cotton fabric for the outside (neutral color)
plastic Material
sewing thread of the color of the fabrics and the felt.

The first thing to do is draw all the parts that are to be applied on the freezer paper, cut, leaving a margin of 0.5 cm all around design, apply with an iron the freezer paper on the various fabric colors of felt, now cut off the excess and remove the backing paper (photo 2).

After you have cut out all the parts to be applied on the box, put on the fabric outside of the box to its final location, make sure everything is in place, iron (photo 3), on the wrong side of the fabric, iron the adhesive pad.

Stitch machine applique, fixing all finally (photo 4).

Embroider the mouth and eyebrows and sewing on buttons in the eyes (photo 5 and 6).

Have you finished the decor, go to pack the box, sewing the zipper foot wire (photo 7).

We sew both sides (photo 8) then the base, making sure that the seam side is perfectly centered to the edge (photo 9).

Repeat steps photos 8-9 with the internal fabric of our case and turn to the right. Turn inside out the pouch, slip it inside the lining and hand stitch the lining to the zipper (photo 11).

Turn our case to the straight and FINISHED !!!

Nice right?

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