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cut-and-sew care

Our sewing machine, sew the size and, after being used, must be clean because the tissues release a great deal of dust and lint that if removed, may be more or less important damage to our car.
It takes a few minutes, I guarantee.

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The pictures are cut-and-sew machine, which allows us to open the machine before, turning the gears with the brush provided, if you have a compressor, you can use it properly, or we can use the compressed air cans, those found in electronics stores, best computer keyboard, so we take care of our collaborator, precious collaborator.
We do everything safely disconnecting the electrical outlet, is key!

All you ready? Open the front door with the supplied brush, gently remove the lint and dust from the gears. Cleaning is finished, close all, now our car is clean, ready to be used for the next job.

Look at how much we were able to remove dust from the machine, immaginavate that you could produce a lot of dust by sewing the fabric?

Good dusting.

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