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men's sweatshirt Burda young 7734

When I tell you to sewn a garment, I would ask the same question: "do you agree? all that work and in stores to find a cheaper price." Of course, if you see it only from the economic side, does not agree, but on the side of quality, fit? Far better than a head crafted and made to measure, in the long run wins.

One of the latest creations is a sweater for my husband, like very tall and thin, wearing a M for size, but the height should take a XXL ...... a little bit of balance I would say .... I purchased the pattern, the fabric, the zipper on-line on the website of fabrics.

To achieve that I used to cut and sew perfect for knit fabrics, sweatshirts, sportswear. Using the manual of my car I had some trouble getting perfect stitches, so I was valuable guidance MammaNene and his valuable advice.

Serger pepper
How about the sweatshirt? do you like?
Next time I'll tell you how to carry out the pockets of a sweatshirt.
Hello friends.

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