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Iridis dress di Sofilantjes patterns

Have you noticed that lately I've been absent from the blog? I will tell you why and make up for the time lost.
I present to you Meaning of Sofilantjes Patterns Dress and fantastic Annemieke......

Some sewing friends are inspecting patterns for designer across border (in Italy there is). These people choose some testers in order to understand and correct any errors in the pattern or instructions for the execution of the same, the pattern is tested for free by volunteers, you must follow a few rules, among them the absolute confidentiality until such time as the paper will be made available for purchase on their sites.

Curious and want to get in the discussion I have joined to an appeal and have been chosen to test this model that I show you with pride and joy.

You like my Iris Dress? is the version B, long sleeve, knit fabric, size 13 years. The same pattern can be achieved in short sleeve, or the version, short sleeve, organic cotton fabric ..... you can get numerous variants also playing with the fantasies of the fabrics.
Iridis Dress

Interested going to be looking at the Sofilantjes Website, you can find other versions of the dress and how they made the other testers and his shop.

If you like the model you can contact directly the Annemieke facebook page.

Hello to soon.

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